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CLEANAP is a socially advantageous performance.
Everybody can take part to it, no matter what their political or ideological ideas are, because Naples’ welfare is an aim that cuts across any specific lines. Its supporters are unstructured and unsponsored. We want to create new urban and voluntary citizen actions.

It goes without saying that our actions neither want nor can substitute the ordinary cleaning and maintenance of a public place. Our actions are simply a constructive and active challenge aimed to the creation of a new awareness in citizens and institutions.

Our name CLEANAP, is a crasis and it comes out from the verb to Clean and our town’s name: NAP(oli). If you pronounce it, it will come out as “Clean up” whose double meaning (the literal and the metaphorical ones) seemed particularly appropriated to our mission. Same thing for our subheading “Piazza Pulita”: in Italian it means not only “Tidy Square”, but also “to make a clean sweep of something”.

Let’s go into the streets and make our small sign !

Man is a political animal by nature. And nature does nothing in vain.”



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  1. I really support and admire what your organisation and volunteers are doing for the city. I Believe that Napoli is at a turning point of realising its potential of regaining its past recognition as one of the most beautiful places in the world, let alone in Italy, with new regeneration projects starting up to kick start its revival like the modernisation of the port and the piazza garibaldi. I love to hear that the Neapolitans themselves are getting involved in the clean up as it saddens me to see them desecrate their own city with graffiti and rubbish which i now hope is a thing of the past. Keep up the good work you are doing Napoli proud.

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  3. Vincent Dansereau, Canada, 18 years old

    I’ve met the Cleanap organization through the volunteering program of IVHQ and it has been a true honor for me. Cleanap is an example of how individuals can actually make a difference in a city that has some big environnemental issues.

    I truly admire and support their initiative for the bike sharing project in Naples. It is not easy to change a routine, but using a bike instead of a car will make a big difference for the environnement.

    Moreover, as international volunteers, we had the chance to help Cleanap to organize their annual event of “Let’s do it! Italy” where volunteers and local citizen gather to clean a public place. We also had the chance to do a small video to promote the event on their Facebook page.

    Like and share their facebook page!

    Forza Italia,


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