from 2011 so far…and so on!

CleaNap formed in 2011 as a social benefit program focused on action. We organize urban volunteer events based on participatory engagement.

CleaNap began with flash-mob events to achieve “PIAZZA PULITA” (literally, “clean squares”) during the height of the waste management crisis in Naples, all conducted in the name of citizen activism for the greater good to clean the selected square of its litter and trash and announce our communal belonging to the area.
Three years after our inception, we have evolved into an organization dedicated to sustainability and social innovation: civic mobilization and community empowerment are at the core of all our programs and actions.

Our main initiatives and projects include:

  • Serving as Italian promoters and partners of the Let’s Do It! Movement, a network of organizations and volunteers that draws attention on waste management issues. We participated in Let’s Do It! Vesuvius (June 8 – 9, 2013) and Let’s Do It! Mediterranean (May 10 – 11, 2014)
  • Leading eco-orienteering, green curricula, and composting courses as program developers and organizers. We host school projects that encourage and teach both parents and children a new and thoughtful approach to sustainability through creative reuse.
  • Participating in #fiumeinpiena, a peaceful and non-partisan movement founded and composed of youth connected with multiple diverse Neapolitan committees and associations across the province seeking an end to toxic dumping. The movement culminated in the famous mass march on November 16, 2013. The greater goal is to unite Italians not only in Campania but the entire country.
  • Managing Bike Sharing Napoli, a research project on alternative modes of transportation designed to offer a public, eco-friendly, economical, and sustainable travel option. The pilot program includes a network of bicycles connected to 10 different pick-up and drop-off stations and administered by smart app. The pilot program is free until May 2015 thanks to MIUR co-financing obtained as recipients of a “Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation” competition award. For more info visit


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